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Gentry Promo Kit


Thank you for booking me.


This kit contains images that you can use flexibly for creating promotional materials with my name and image. Feel free to right click and save any video or image (below) for use in promoting any engagement I am involved in — but please do so according to the following guidelines:

1.) In all advertising, writing, or speaking of any kind, please refer to me only in the following ways:

Nicholas Gentry — The Intellectual's Illusionist

Nicholas Gentry — Mentalist & Illusionist

Gentry — Illusionist

Nicholas Gentry — Illusionist 




Nicholas Gentry

2.) Please use Cinzel (preferred), Garamond, Antiqua or a similar serif font with wide kerning. Even Times New Roman can work. 


3.) The tagline (i.e. "The Intellectual's Illusionist") should always be smaller than my last name.

4.) Please minimize or avoid any imagery or words that would present me as primarily a children's entertainer. That is not my brand.

5.) Please avoid any imagery or words that would typecast me as an anachronistic "magician" of old: no top hats, no bunnies, no fake Chinese lettering, no capes, and nothing else that might appear "goofy" to a discerning audience. It is best, when possible, to avoid the word "magician" altogether, and to instead use the world "illusionist."

6.) Please note that the yellow poster, below, entitled "Abracadbra," is only for family shows, or engagements where many children under 10 might be in attendance.

7.) If my logo (i.e. the image that looks like my face as a question mark) appears in-line with my name, it should always be facing towards my name, not away from it.

Promo Video

Promo Video

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