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About Nicholas Gentry:


Nicholas Gentry is not only the best at what he does; he is simply the only one who does it.

But what, exactly, does he do that is so different from other solo entertainers? In his own words: 


"The apostrophe-'s' in the term, 'Intellectual's Illusionist' is very important to me, because it means that you're the intellectual, not me. I just work for you!


I'm taking a stand against the dumbing down of entertainment, and I'm doing it by creating performances that I myself wish I could experience. My aim is excellence, and I have a very specific way of understanding what 'excellence' means:


A bad magician tries to sell you on "tricks," while a good magician sells you on his personality — but an excellent magician uses even the simplest illusions to sell you on yourself.

I don't chase after the newest magical gadgets or try to demonstrate how skilled I am. Instead, I ask myself, 'If someone already knows all of my secrets and methods, what other than 'the trick' would make this routine worth that person's attention?'"

Gentry has taught English and philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, Temple University, and the University of Pittsburgh. He is also an accomplished musician and tarot reader, a returned Peace Corps volunteer (Ghana), a former Americorps spokesperson for the American Red Cross of Alaska, and a former high school English teacher in Japan. 


A favorite amongst private clients and event planners, Gentry specializes in making a big impression on discerning adults, not as a mere novelty act, but as a true artist who actually has something to say.


​What to Expect:


Gentry's performances are a mixture of visual illusions and mind-reading — on-stage, up-close, roving throughout the crowd, or even hosting your entire event.


A stand-up or stage show is usually 45-60 minutes long, but can last anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes. Walk-around entertainment and tarot readings are usually scheduled in two hour increments, but can last anywhere from one to four hours. (A typical individual tarot reading lasts 20-30 minutes, and Gentry never rushes a sitter.)

Gentry packs small and plays big, performing straight out of his pockets or from a simple briefcase. He is ideal for busy event planners who don't like extra complications, because he is a master of turn-key flexibility.

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